Cuddle Buddies for Pregnancy

The Body Pillow is perfect for Mother and Child


cuddle buddy body pillow for pregnancy


During pregnancy, a Cuddle Buddy can ensure that the expectant mother has a good nights sleep through the support of a proper sleeping position. Back pain is also a common problem for pregnant women, these symptoms can be reduced by using a Cuddle Buddy Body Pillow.

After giving birth the Body Pillow or Mega Pillow can be used as a nursing aid. You can fold the cushion against you on your lap and the baby has a soft spot, where he or she can enjoy breast or bottle feeding.

Originally the Body Pillow was designed specifically for pregnant women however using a Body Pillow can help with many problems including back pain, neck pain and headaches.  Sore limbs and joints caused from pressure while sleeping can also be alleviated through it’s use.