Versatile Voluptuous Velvet:

  • The Mega Pillow is a MEGA favourite of ours. Completely versatile. Perfect for cuddling while you sleep, resting behind your neck while watching TV in bed or even as a breast-feeding aid. The Mega Pillow knows no bounds.

Product Details:

  • 50cm Length x 25cm Diameter
  • Cover: 94% + 6% Spandex
  • Filling: 100% Polystyrene Beads

Care for your Buddy:

  • The Mega Pillow covers are removable. Just unzip the cover and remove from the pillow. You can then either spot clean, hand wash or wash it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with lukewarm water, however a front loader machine is recommended.

Shipping Details

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  • International shipping is available. Please check our rates at checkout. Special rates exist for our friends in New Zealand.
  • (For regional areas, please note 1-2 additional business days, depending on location).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gorgeous G.
Age: 65+
Reason: Firm support for exercise assistance.
Magnificent Mega!

Velvet Mega Pillow! Nice and firm yet still cuddly. Great for physio exercises on the floor as well as sleeping and sitting support. Very versatile.

Keri T.
Age: 45-54
Reason: Needed a comfortable support pillow
Improvement: Yes sleeping much better now
Cuddly buddy velvet mega pillow

Luxurious and soft!!
Love my cuddle buddy

Helen C.
Age: 45-54
Reason: Gift for daughter in law
Improvement: It's perfect
Awesome pillows

Bought a velvet mega pillow along with some other items. I gave this one to my daughter in law as she has just had a new baby. I thought it would be handy for feeding baby as it's soft and she can mould it to baby or her arm. She loved it and so did my 2 year old grandson who kept rubbing the soft velvet cover. I'm going to have to get him one now I think!

Jane C.
Age: 45-54
Reason: Require pillows because of stroke
Improvement: Cannot improve on perfection.
Love Cuddle Buddy

Best pillows ever for comfort and support.

Fiona G.
Reason: Upcoming shoulder surgery.
So comfortable!

Absolutely love my cuddle Buddy. I have been using them for years, and thought I'd treat myself to a new one.

Rebecca K.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Recommendation
Improvement: Yes! Fall asleep faster and for longer!
Don’t think twice! Get one!!!!

Can’t rave enough. I’m not the best at falling asleep but the first night I slept with cuddle buddy I slept straight away and every night since! Who needs a partner!!!!

Nicola C.
Age: 45-54
Reason: So my hubby doesn't steal my pillow from me overnight
Improvement: To my sleep yes, once my hubby uses his I'm as pressent
Mega pillow



Great product and exceptional service as always.

Age: 35-44
Reason: Comfort
Improvement: Love the new velvet cover! Just sublime!
Love the velvet!

I’ve been using cuddle buddy products for years. I bought a comfort pillow more than 10 years ago when I had some arm surgery. It was invaluable during the healing and recovery for comfort. I also have chronic pain issues, the pillows make life more comfortable! Since my first purchase, I have had a body pillow, numerous comfort pillows and have recently purchased a mega pillow. The velvet cover is just sublime. The feel of the cover adds an additional comfort and sensory experience.

Service is always fast and friendly. Exceptional product. You won’t be disappointed.
Thanks Cuddle Buddy!

Age: 25-34
Pregnant and uncomfortable

I was recommended to buy the Mega pillow from a girlfriend who is also pregnant, hoping it will relieve me of my sleepless nights. One sleep in with my new Cuddlebuddy and I felt a significant difference. I've been finding the final trimester extremely difficult and uncomfortable, so having the additional support is beyond helpful. I'm totally hooked on the comfort and cute orange velvet pattern. A message to all pregnant, light sleepers get yourself a pillow right now!