Getting Better Sleep, Post-Surgery

Getting Better Sleep, Post-Surgery

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According to the Australian Orthopedic Association, nearly 4,500 Australians per year have shoulder replacement surgery. Most of those in recovery complain of having difficulty sleeping for up to six weeks after surgery, so finding comfort is important.


Pillows are your best friend during this healing process.They can be used in different positions, depending on whether you sleep on your side or on your back.


In the first days of recovery, you will need to sleep in an elevated position. Propping up the head of your mattress and using pillows to support your lower back is essential. Wearing a sling to sleep reduces pain by keeping tension off your shoulder.


Having a Comfort Pillow throughout the day to prop up the injured arm eases the pain by taking the weight off the shoulder.


Sleep is vital in the healing process giving your body time to deal with inflammation, bruising, and swelling. When your asleep, your brain triggers a release of hormones that encourage tissue growth.So, it makes sense to have some soft pillows at home to make your recovery a bit more comfortable, and maybe even a bit faster.


"After trying so many different supports,to relieve his back pain sitting and lying down. I then needed support for a Shoulder injury two pillows go everywhere with me wherever I’m sleeping or driving I always have my cuddle buddies tucked under my shoulder ! brilliant when flying and also when driving any distance" ~ Nancy


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