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Mega Pillow
Amanda F.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Wanted soft pillow for my face after surgery
Improvement: I sleep better
Best pillow

I’ve had surgery and always tale my cuddle buddy. I have multiple and have bought family some too

Age: 35-44
Reason: Well to cuddle
Improvement: No I've given it to my child as it's to small
Fell short of expectations

The mega cuddle buddy needs to be longer. Or at the very least have a version that's built for taller people.

Comfort Pillow
Belinda C.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Replacement
Improvement: Awesome- my favourite pillows!
Great quality - fast delivery

Replacing old cuddle buddies …. The new ones are excellent quality / very comfortable. A little too firm - but I know they soften over time. Fast delivery.

Body Pillow
Jodi C.
Age: 35-44

Body Pillow

Age: 25-34
Reason: My old one wore out!
Improvement: Better fabric choices, loving the velvet!!
Awesome Cuddle buddy

A great supportive pillow, great choice of colours

Age: 18-24
Reason: Present
Improvement: Na
Love it

I have had cuddle buddy’s my whole life growing up and I was so excited to see they had shaggy ones. I got one for myself and sister for her birthday. She loves it and so do i

Comfort Pillow
Marianne W.

Comfort Pillow

Age: 45-54
Reason: Hoping they might help with sensory issues/sleep problems.
Improvement: Yes!
Velvet comfort pillow

Bought 3 pillows for the kiddies and they LOVE them! Great colours, lovely and soft.

Age: 65+
Reason: For added comfort
Excellent product

Fantastic communication, thank you. Prompt delivery and my cuddle buddy is good quality.

Age: 55-64
Reason: Comfort
So Soft and Comfortable

I love my shaggy comfort pillow, it looks great on my bed and the extra support it gives me when I need it is great

Velvet Mega Pillow
Gorgeous G.
Age: 65+
Reason: Firm support for exercise assistance.
Magnificent Mega!

Velvet Mega Pillow! Nice and firm yet still cuddly. Great for physio exercises on the floor as well as sleeping and sitting support. Very versatile.

Age: 55-64

Cover for Weighted Blanket

Comfort Pillow
Laura S.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Gift
Improvement: No
Best present!

The 9yo we gave this to has not let it go all through lockdown, she adores her cuddle buddy 😊

Age: 35-44
Reason: Needed new cover for big one and saw new velvet covered small ones
Improvement: Being able to buy new covers is big plus - especially for the big ones

Have had a cuddle buddy of some sort for the last 15 years. Love love love them. Small ones great for travelling and larger ones great to snuggle up to in bed - my old was claimed by my cat he loves it so much. Got a new cover for my big one which was amazing to see they have covers now as old one stretched and becoming see through. New velvet green little one is great for between knees, kids love to snuggle up to them and looks great on the bed.

Age: 55-64
Reason: Cuddle in bed
Cuddle Buddy

Just what i was looking for .. great size & very cuddly

NQR Pillows
Sarita M.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Was given one many years ago and only just found where to buy one
Improvement: This is perfect I love it so much
Snuggle pillow

This is truly amazing this have been my cuddle buddy for my operation I take it everywhere and sleep with it every night

Age: 55-64
Reason: For my great nephew to cuddle at night time.
Improvement: The removable cover. I think you should add to the smaller ones too?
Very Cuddly

We have bought the smaller ones before (which we have loved) but we like that this Mega one has a removable cover to wash easily.

Mega Pillow
Honey B.
Age: 45-54
Reason: Fibromyalgia discomfort
Improvement: Longer, more restful periods of sleep
Like sleeping on a cloud

Awesome pillow with just the right amount of filling. Easy to swap out covers. Love sleeping with this as it gives a weightless feeling to joints and muscles.

Body Pillow
Zach H.
Age: 18-24
Reason: For my partner and me birthday gift to her couldn’t not get one for myself
Improvement: Back pain
Cuddle buddy

We both have fuller sleeps and love having something comfortable to cuddle amazing product

Comfort Pillow
Teagan A.
Age: 25-34
Reason: Comfort and to stop a bad sleeping habit of folding my hands under my head.
Improvement: Indeed. No longer have numb hands throughout the day.
What a find!

I had an inferior product that wasn't doing much good. So I went searching for a replacement in every store but to no avail. Decided to look online and et voilà! Super impressed with the quality, affordable price, free and quick delivery and lovely customer service. My comfort pillow has eliminated a bad sleeping habit that was cutting off the circulation to my hands and leaving them numb throughout the day. Couldn't ask for a better product. And now the kids want one too. Thank you!

Age: 45-54
Reason: Sensory cushion for my disable son
Square Velvet Cushions

Excellent product

Comfort Pillow
Susan K.
Age: 35-44
Reason: Replacement of original
Great for snuggling

I have had a cuddle buddy comfort pillow for many years to tuck under the arm when sleeping. It has helped me when pregnant, when I needed something to prop me up and for general sleep. My 2yr old son loves them also. My last one was a little worn out after 10+ years so I grabbed a replacement. Highly recommend.

Mega Pillow
Rose V.
Age: 65+
Reason: Unable to sleep because of shoulder pain.recommended by a friend.
Improvement: Very much improved and better sleep...
Great for sholder pain at night

My husband was having great trouble sleeping with with pain in his shoulder after an injury.
A friend recommended we try snuggle buddy.. It gave good relief and sleeps much better. Buying one for myself and one for our weekender

Age: 65+
Reason: Impressed with it when I saw it at a home show. I had neck problems so thought it might be beneficial.
Improvement: Definite improvements. I have a fused cervical spine and get headaches if I am forced to using any other type of pillow, so it goes with me everywhere. Hospital, overseas, hotels, home. Wherever I am, it is where it is.
My Constant Companion

I have Stage 4 cancer and often have to be hospitalised. My Cuddle Buddy goes with me each time. I can’t sleep without it. I have been using my Buddy for many years now. Couldn’t do without it.

NQR Pillows
Carly A.
Age: 35-44
Reason: For my daughter
Perfect comforter

I bought this for my 4yr old daughter to cuddle at night - she loves it!