Working from Home

Working from Home

By Richie Simon

Working from Home

Hi Buddies,


Many of us have found ourselves working from home over the past several weeks and it looks like this trend will continue at some capacity in the future. The problem is that we were not necessarily prepared for working from home. After just a few days you realise how important ergonomics are for your long term comfort.


If buying a completely new office setup for your home is not a reality any time soon, here are some tips to make some quick adjustments that will save your back from screaming at you:

  • Change sitting posture - sit straight and keep your feet on the floor. If your legs are not at a right angle, a footrest may help you.
  • Use Back Supportive Device - to recover from low back pain or keep it away all together, make sure you have some lower back support that maintains a normal curve of the spine. Cuddle Buddy Comfort Pillow is perfect for this task.
  • Correct table height - we know, we find ourselves working on the sofa, lounge chair, or other available seats around the house, but it is best to be at a table that allows good posture. Standing sometimes is great too.

Remember that prolonged sitting is just not good for your body. Our bodies need to move. Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to stand up and stretch for at least two minutes every hour. Grab your Cuddle Buddy and raise it above your head a few times like you are holding a sign. Moving and stretching regularly will help your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons stay loose which will no doubt make you feel better.


"Perfect gift - Mum loves it, says it is the perfect pillow for her back pains, sitting in any chair is now comfortable" ~ Chris J (Comfort Pillow)


Stay cuddly,


Cuddle Buddy


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